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HistoryLink is dedicated to the principle that history belongs to the entire community, and that a better understanding of past events can improve public debate and decisions and enrich the lives of individuals. HistoryLink continues to promote improved community-based historical research and education by building and expanding HistoryLink.org.

Quick Facts

in January, 1999, on Martin Luther King day, HistoryLink became the nation’s first entirely original encyclopedia of community history created expressly for the Internet. It was initially focused on the history of Seattle and King County. At the urging of educators and others, it launched an expanded database in March 2003 to embrace the history of the entire state of Washington.

The site’s growing content currently comprises more than 7,000 original, sourced articles. On an average day, approximately 4,000 visitors access HistoryLink. New content is continuously added. HistoryLink’s front page, “This Week Then,” is updated weekly to feature historical anniversaries, new essays, and site content related to current events. A free weekly newsletter alerts subscribers to timely historical happenings.


HistoryLink’s content is produced by historians, freelance writers, community experts, and supervised volunteer writers. All articles (except anecdotal “People’s History” essays) are fully sourced and carefully edited before posting, and updated or revised when needed.


Launched in 2009, our Education Resource features free materials including curricula, study aids, lesson plans, links to other education resources, and numerous tips on how to integrate HistoryLink into the classroom. We regularly partner with schools and organizations in the community to host workshops and presentations.

A Trusted Source

HistoryLink enjoys top rankings on Google and other search engines. K-12 teachers and students represent approximately one-third of HistoryLink’s traffic. The website is also heavily used by journalists, scholars, government and business researchers, tourists, novelists, filmmakers, and the general public. Approximately 50 percent of HistoryLink traffic originates in Washington state.

A Public Information Utility

HistoryLink is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation organized in 1997 to develop innovative approaches to historical research, education, and publishing in the public interest.


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