HistoryLunch 2019: The Last 20

Thanks to everyone who came to HistoryLunch on September 12, 2019!

More than 350 guests joined us this year as we looked back at what came and went over the last 20 years in Washington. It was a wonderful event, and a great chance to reconnect with our amazing supporters. C.R. Douglas emceed the event with his usual grace and style and we enjoyed stories told by Barbara Earl Thomas, Carver Gayton, and Bob Donegan.

Thank you to David Koch, Jean Sherrard, and Rebecca Fay for sharing great photos from the event!



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2019 HistoryLunch
Honorary Committee

The theme for this year’s HistoryLunch, “What Came, What Went,” celebrates the last 20 years since the birth of HistoryLink.org. We have selected our honorary committee members for their significant contributions that resulted in positive change in our community in various disciplines. This is not an exhaustive list of all changes made in the past 20 years, or the people who have made them.

Honorary Co-Chairs

Governor Dan Evans and Nancy Evans

Honorary Committee

Libraries: Deborah Jacobs, City Librarian who built “Libraries for All”

Technology: John Cook, Co-founder of GeekWire

Arts: Randy Engstrom, Transformative director of the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Food: Shiro Kashiba, Goodwill Ambassador to spread Japanese Cuisine in Seattle

Physical Environment: Bob Donegan, President of Ivar’s, and relentless advocate for Seattle’s central waterfront

Legislation: Jeanne Kohl-Welles as State Senator, Sponsorship of legislation to legalize medical marijuana

Education: Senator John McCoy, Leadership in adoption of tribal sovereignty curriculum

Culture: David Brewster, Founder of Crosscut, Town Hall and Folio

History: Tom Ikeda, Founder and Executive Director of Densho

Historic Preservation: Allyson Brooks, Director of Washington State Department of Archeology & Historic Preservation

Music: Tom Mara, Leadership and development of KEXP

Science: Leroy Hood, Outstanding contributions in the advancement of science

Agriculture: Governor Chris Gregoire, Leadership in resolving long-disputed water allocation issues to the benefit of agriculture in our region

Mover and Shaker: Maggie Walker, Leadership and commitment to a greener, more equitable region, and leadership in reimagining the central waterfront

Stories: Quintard Taylor, Founder and Executive Director of BlackPast.org

Transportation: Joni Earl, Transformative director of Sound Transit

Marriage Equality: Jamie Pedersen, Leadership in litigation and legislative strategies to attain marriage equality

Sports: Anne Levinson, Leadership in keeping the Seattle Storm in Seattle

Natural Environment: Gene Duvernoy, Founder of Forterra

Cultural Heritage: Carver Gayton, Micki and Bob Flowers, Norm and Constance Rice, and Barbara Earl Thomas, Leadership in founding and sustaining the Northwest African American Museum